5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

When you want to enjoy a warm afternoon in the backyard, you jump into the pool as soon as possible, right? However, before you enter any pool, always keep safety in mind. Here are five swimming pool safety tips everyone should know.

1. Walk, Don’t Run

One of the most classic rules of pool safety reminds us to always walk, never run, on the pool deck. When people get out of the pool, dripping water may make the deck area slippery, which could lead to nasty falls. Tread carefully and avoid rushing to reduce the chance of injury.

2. Don’t Dive in Shallow Areas

Many pools have a shallow end and a deep end. Never dive into the shallow end, as you risk hitting the bottom of the pool, which could cause serious and long-lasting injuries. Only dive in designated areas if the water is deep enough, and avoid diving headfirst.

3. Maintain Pool Equipment

One of the essential swimming pool safety tips that everyone should know is to focus on keeping equipment in safe condition. Everybody loves using waterslides and diving boards, but if they’re not well-maintained, they could result in unfortunate injuries.

We recommend keeping your diving boards cleaned and brushed, so wet feet don’t slip off. And if you have a fiberglass waterslide, learn how to maintain your fiberglass waterslide, so you can make sure it’s safe and enjoyable for everyone.

4. Watch the Weather

At the first sign of lighting, all swimmers should get out of the pool. Keep an eye on the skies and only re-enter the water half an hour after you last see lightning or hear thunder. However, the safest option is to re-enter the water when the storm passes entirely.

5. Stay Clear of Drains

In many pools, certain drains and pumps cause relatively harmless suction, but young children should stay away from them. Children may find it hard to pull themselves away from the suction, and it could pull them under the water for too long. Always remain cautious around drains and pumps with heavy suction when swimming.

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