Fire and Ice Heats Up St. Cloud Fashion Scene

(KNSI) — The second annual Fire and Ice Fashion Show will take to the runway on Saturday, December 17th.

The show’s theme is “Breaking Down The Walls.” Organizer Lytonia Smith explains the meaning behind the phrase.

“I feel that if we come together through fashion, up under one roof, then we can chip at a lot of the community issues that are going on here.”

Smith says 27 models from California, Iowa, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, along with several from the Twin Cities, will be participating. They’ll be wearing outfits from Nyla Couture and Leslie Lee. Smith hopes to get the show on the radar locally as it becomes a yearly tradition.

“Hopefully next year, St. Cloud with catch a hold and we will have more people from St. Cloud in this event.”

Tickets are available online through Eventbrite. It is being hosted at the Best Western Kelly Inn. A link is here.

Smith is co-owner of Sophisticated Ladies and Gents, the company organizing the show. She says she has learned a lot heading into the second edition of Fire and Ice. She plans to pound the pavement in the area and raise the show’s profile in central Minnesota.


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