Giving Tuesday has mental health benefits

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – That warm and fuzzy feeling you get from acts of altruism is actually good for you, according to a study.

That means Giving Tuesday benefits non-profits as well as individuals.

The Cleveland Clinic said benefits may include lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and increased self esteem. Psychology Today called the feeling a “Helper’s High,” and they said it also creates a larger sense of purpose.

In times when so much feels out of control, sometimes even health and safety, giving back provides a connection to the greater good, and it creates a sense of community.

“There are specific hormones that are released into our blood stream that make us feel good and it can also shift our moods and then that carries us throughout the day,” said Krystle Landes, a clinician with ThriveWorks.

Finances are tight for many right now, so if you’re not able to donate money, there are other ways you can contribute to the community.

“Giving Tuesday has so many aspects of it,” said Landes. “Being able to give your time or your talents. Obviously, your financial resources can be really helpful, but Giving Tuesday is so much more.”

Landes and Psychology Today acknowledge that giving too much or too often can take an emotional toll.

“Ensure you are meeting your own mental health need and not putting more than what you’re able to,” said Landes.

If you’re not able to give today, that’s okay. There are always benefits to altruism.

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