Noah Shannon Green Is A 10 Year Old Fashion Icon And Resisting Gender Stereotypes

In September 2012, Noah Shannon Green was born to parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. He is the oldest of three boys that the couple had while married. Bodhi is seven, and Journey is five. What makes Noah the topic of so many conversations these days? He likes dressing differently from what the stereotypical ten year old boy would.

Related:Did Megan Fox’s Nanny Delay Her Breakup With Brian Austin Green?Thanks to social media, everybody now has a way of giving their opinion on everything; even things that don’t concern them. Noah Shannon Green has been called a girl; his parents have been questioned as to why they let him wear dresses, and he gets teased at school, too. It’s heartbreaking. Parenting is hard enough without parents having to explain to their child why children, and even grown adults pick on him. Noah is a fashion icon, embrace it, he isn’t going anywhere; he is doing what all children should be able to do.


Megan Fox

Noah Shannon Green’s mother is Megan Fox. Megan came on the scene at the age of 13. By 2007, she was starring alongside Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel in Transformers. That was a big breakout role for her; the world now saw the gorgeous talent that is, Megan Fox. From there she went on to star in the sequel and the amazingly popular box office remake of the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) franchise.

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Brian Austin Green

The father of Noah Shannon Green, is Brian Austin Green. Brian got his start on Knots Landing back in the 80s. Once the 90s showed up, we got Beverly Hills 90210. It is a cult classic. Everybody who was anybody was watching Donna and David’s love story unfold; along with the rest of the cast’s drama.

Related:How Brian Austin Green And Sharna Burgess Actually Met Is Straight Up TouchingBrian has gone on to continue in the music career that viewers saw him portray in 90210. Rapping, producing, and of course, more acting keeps him busy along with his family. Brian has a total of five children, three of which are with his former wife, Megan Fox.

Noah Shannon Green

Noah is the oldest of the Green boys between Megan and Brian. He is ten now. Noah is frequently photographed, when he wears dresses. Yes, you won’t see a lot about him as his parents try to keep their children’s lives as private as possible. However, if he puts on a Snow White costume or Elsa dress, the media has a snap fest.

While his parents might not be together in the marriage sense anymore, they do remain firm on how they are raising their children. They have the freedom to be who they want to be and express themselves. That is a freedom most of us wish we had. Noah doesn’t fall into the gender stereotype that society thinks he should. He has long hair and wears pink.

What Noah’s Parents Say

Both of Noah’s parents support Noah in feeling confident about his choices. They have raised all three boys that way. In fact, Noah started wearing dresses when he was two. Not everyone feels like his choices are ‘right’ though, albeit he is ten and they are grown adults. A lot of people have criticized him online and wrote very mean and hurtful things about him.

Megan has bought quite a few books on gender identity basics for the parent of a child as well as books on expressing yourself through clothing. There is no label being put on her son, and he is perfectly content and happy; so why should there be?

His father has said similar things when it comes to his son. He isn’t hurting anyone, what is the big deal? Starting when her children were very little, Megan incorporated gender fluidity into their everyday lives to ensure that none of them felt strange, different, or left out. She tries to keep them off social media as much as possible, but she is so proud of her children, and she does not want to give the impression she isn’t. It’s for their privacy, not at all, that she is ashamed in any way.

The Basics And the Bottom Line

Gender is an individual’s inherent awareness of who they truly are. This might be either male or female or a mix of the two. Some people may not strongly identify as either men or women and have no strong feelings toward any particular gender designation. Clothing, behavior, and pronoun usage are just a few examples of how gender can be expressed.

Transgender is people whose gender identity differs from the gender they were at birth. Most transgender persons identify as either male or female, while some transgender people are non-binary. Trans encompasses a variety of identities, including those of a trans woman and trans man.

People who understand their gender in a way that goes beyond merely identifying as either a man or a woman are referred to as non-binary. Non-binary can be male or female, neither male nor female, or they may not identify at all. The bottom line is, it’s not up to anyone to judge anyone else, especially a sweet little ten year old boy.

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