Top Fireworks Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

Top Fireworks Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday that encourages people to gather for food and drinks and reflect back on the past year. It also happens to be a holiday in which people love to set off fireworks. If you’re going to be shooting fireworks in front of your home, it’s important to be careful so that you don’t start a fire. Check out these top fireworks safety tips for New Year’s Eve.

Keep Pets Indoors

The holidays are full of occasions to spend time with your family, including your four-footed members. However, New Year’s Eve is not a good time to let your dogs hang out with you outdoors. Not only do the loud sounds scare most animals, but they can cause them to bolt. The last thing you need is your dog running in front of a firework while it’s going off.

Monitor Kids on the Street

Many people prefer to set fireworks off in the street so that they don’t stain their driveways. However, this means you need to keep a close eye on kids playing in the street. Especially with the loud noises of fireworks all around, it can be hard for them to notice a car coming in their direction.

Light Fireworks Properly

When buying fireworks, you can usually pick up a bundle of punks. These are long, thin sticks you use to light fires and fireworks. You should always pick up some of these to light fireworks safely. Never use a sparkler to light another firework, or you could end up causing a dangerous explosion.

Put Away Flammable Objects

Part of what makes fireworks so dangerous is that they can be unpredictable, especially if they’re a new kind you’ve never used before. If you’re not careful, they can fly off and land on flammable things, creating a fire.

One thing you should always put inside is your doormat, especially if it’s a coir (coconut fiber) one. These popular natural-fiber mats are flammable, so keeping yours indoors is one way to make sure your coir doormat lasts. Do the same for anything else you have out that could catch fire.

We hope these top fireworks safety tips for New Year’s Eve help you and your family stay safe this holiday season. Remember—no one wants to visit the emergency room on a holiday!

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