Salim Khan Condemns Threats Against Son Salman Khan as ‘jaahil’, Assures Enhanced Police Protection by Eknath Shinde

Salim Khan Condemns Threats Against Son Salman Khan as 'jaahil', Assures Enhanced Police Protection by Eknath Shinde.
Salim Khan Condemns Threats Against Son Salman Khan as 'jaahil', Assures Enhanced Police Protection by Eknath Shinde.

Salim Khan Speaks Out on Threats Against Son Salman Khan Amidst Recent Firing Incident

Following a visit by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to their residence, Salim Khan, renowned screenwriter and father of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, addressed the recent shooting incident outside their family’s Mumbai residence. In a candid interview, Salim Khan condemned those who had threatened his son, labeling them as ‘jaahil’ (illiterate). He also revealed that the Maharashtra chief minister had taken proactive measures by providing additional police protection to the entire Khan family.

Expressing his frustration towards the threats, Salim Khan stated, “What’s there to talk about these jaahil (illiterate) people who say you’ll learn your lesson when we’ll kill you.” He further disclosed that Mumbai Police had assured protection for the family and their associates, highlighting the arrest of two individuals in connection with the incident as a positive step towards ensuring their safety.

Regarding Salman Khan’s activities amidst the security concerns, Salim Khan revealed that his son had been advised to continue working as per his schedule. However, he emphasized the importance of refraining from discussing the incident publicly, as it remained under police investigation.

The details of the shooting incident outside the Salim Khan residence were provided by the Mumbai Crime Branch, indicating that two suspects had parked a motorcycle approximately 100 meters away from Salman’s residence at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. The assailants approached the house on the bike, fired shots, and swiftly fled the scene.

In response to the incident, Mumbai Police registered a case against Anmol Bishnoi, the younger brother of incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who had allegedly made threatening remarks on Facebook regarding the firing incident.

Additionally, two suspects were arrested by Kachchh police and subsequently handed over to the Mumbai Crime Branch. The accused, identified as Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal from Bihar, were presented before Mumbai’s Killa Court, which remanded them to custody until April 25 for their alleged involvement in the shooting incident.

Amidst the security concerns, Salman Khan continues his professional commitments, with his upcoming film “Sikandar” and hosting duties on Bigg Boss OTT 3. However, the incident has shed light on the alleged involvement of Vishal, also known as Kalu, an associate of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang since 2016, in the shooting.

Vishal’s family, residing in Gurugram, expressed their disassociation from him and cooperated with law enforcement agencies in identifying him from CCTV footage shared by Mumbai Police. Vishal’s mother and sister, Shakuntala and Barkha respectively, severed ties with him and distanced themselves from his alleged criminal activities.

According to law enforcement officials, Vishal has been implicated in various criminal activities, including vehicle theft, murder, extortion, robbery, and assault, with his association with the Bishnoi gang dating back to 2016.

The incident underscores the ongoing feud between Lawrence Bishnoi and Salman Khan, originating from accusations against the actor of hurting religious sentiments by allegedly killing a blackbuck in Rajasthan. Bishnoi’s gang had previously issued threats against Salman Khan, culminating in the recent shooting incident outside his Mumbai residence.

As investigations continue, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by celebrities like Salman Khan amidst threats from organized crime syndicates, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures and vigilance in safeguarding public figures from potential harm.

In the aftermath of the shooting incident, Mumbai Police launched a thorough investigation, leveraging CCTV footage and intelligence gathered from multiple sources. Anmol Bishnoi’s alleged involvement and subsequent arrest shed light on the complex network of criminal activities and intergang rivalries that permeate certain segments of society.

The arrest of Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, believed to be associated with Vishal and the Bishnoi gang, underscores the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects and preventing further acts of violence. However, Salim Khan states the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the persistent challenges posed by organized crime and the need for sustained efforts to combat its influence.

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